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The CRM solution that brings your customers back IO LOYALTY A powerful and performing CRM tool et performant that helps you build your base of loyal customers Loyalty


Deploy loyalty programs across all of your sales channels

Centralized database

Build customer directories that can be accessed from any point of sale

Easy and efficient

Develop customer loyalty with a powerful, easy-to-use set of tools

Reporting and analytics

Pinpoint the data you need to maximize customer satisfaction

Increase loyalty, optimize customer experience, and grow your business

Reward your customers for coming back faster and more often

Build a loyalty program tailored to your needs

Innovorder’s backoffice make it easy to create your own powerful, customized loyalty program

  • Rewards

Reward guests through scheduled, customizable loyalty programs

  • Prepayment options

Increase prepayments in exchange for unique rewards

  • Sales

Deploy sales and clearance management programs ahead of time

  • Loyalty cards

Create rewards cards tailored to your brand, in both digital and physical formats

  • Marketing

Connect with your customer base, at the point of sale and beyond

  • Reporting and analytics

Draw up customized reports to monitor and optimize operations

Leading CRM solutions built for the food service industry’s major brands and chains

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