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Can Innovorder’s products be used independently?

Innovorder’s products, which form a complete ecosystem when used together, were designed to function by unit. So each product can be used independently of the others, even though they produce the highest potential value when used as a whole.

What kind of customer support does Innovorder provide?

Innovorder offers three levels of support: by email, telephone, and by sending technicians on the ground when required. We can also design a customer support system tailored to the specific needs of your business.

How many businesses does Innovorder work with?

Innovorder works with some 400 businesses, ranging from small to large-scale food service chains.

How is Innovorder’s team structured?

Innovorder’s team is comprised of nearly fifty people, half of whom are dedicated to pushing our solutions forward through R&D, as well as specific teams dedicated to ensuring the success of each project we deploy.

Is Innovorder the proprietor of the solutions it provides?

Our solutions were entirely developed within the company, in France, without any subcontracting whatsoever. We’re the experts when it comes to our unique, proprietary technology.

How long does it take to deploy Innovorder’s solutions?

Innovorder’s solutions are unique SaaS solutions deployed in each of our clients’ businesses. Deployment takes two to five weeks on average, depending on the project’s complexity and our deployment schedule.

How reliable is a start-up?

Innovorder is a cutting-edge business that works with leading food service providers, that has solid financial backing, and that aims to develop its services in the long term.

Do your solutions work without an internet connection?

We’ve developed a stripped-back mode that allows clients to use our basic features without an internet connection. For units requiring online use (e-commerce…), we can install back-up solutions (4G routers…).

Do your solutions cost more as they’re developed?

Our solutions are updated monthly and we’re an SaaS, which means that all of our clients can benefit from each update we deploy, at no extra cost.

What is Innovorder’s business model?

Innovorder provides SaaS Plug & Play solutions: equipment, services (installation, training…), permits, upkeep, and updates. Pricing is subscription-based (trimestrial or annual) and can be tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

In which countries has Innovorder been deployed?

Innovorder has deployed its solutions in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Our deployment across the rest of Europe is planned for 2019.

Why work with Innovorder?

Innovorder has developed unique digital solutions for points of sale backed by a world-class customer support team. Working with Innovorder means ensuring you’ll grow, streamline, and optimize your business, all while developing a strong partnership with ours.